Concept Art by Diane Worden 
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About the Artist


Diane has been drawing for ages, although didn't really get into it until high school when she joined the literary magazine. Torn between her love for design and art, she ultimately pursued a degree in Digital Arts, but took tons of graphic design classes anyway. :)

She likes most (if not all) things fantasy related and really enjoys creating characters and worlds. She probably would have been a young-adult fantasy writer (and will probably still write when she has the time) but she liked drawing more.

Diane enjoys more than just drawing, and has dabbled in a lot of arts and crafts, including but not limited to: jewelry, beading, chainmailling, sewing, knitting, art journaling, and book binding. The only craft she hasn't really grasped is crochet, which she hopes one day she will (she has enough books for it, anyway).


She currently freelances in both design and illustration and teaches classes at her local studio. Diane lives with her very accepting husband (as art is a VERY expensive hobby and career) in the Maryland/NOVA/DC area with their wee offspring.

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