06.22.15 - Update.

Life is still pretty hectic, but it's getting  there. And by there, I mean, to some semblance of normal. But it isn't just yet. Got a few things in the works like teaching (WHAT? Heck yeah!) some art stuff at a local studio and getting stuff set up for Anime USA. Did I mention that I'm getting a table. Yes, I'm getting a table. =D But there's some weird matters because I'm also staffing so there's a weird "can I do a table?" because of that, and I haven't heard back yet. I'm also still packing and putting away stuff. And doing the dreaded (GASP) throwing away of the stuffs, which has been a bit hard. I'm (admittedly) a bit of a pack rat (*scurries to hide away amongst her mountain of things*), but I'm getting better. It's not the worst that it can be so there's the positivity in that. =D