Concept Art by Diane Worden 
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In 2013, I decided to do the Sketchbook Project. :D

Although a lot of things came up, I was able to mail it in! I've posted some of the images in the slide show above. 

The Sketchbook Project is where thousands of artists every year submit sketchbooks and they can be seen either on the Sketchbook Project's traveling library or at the Brooklyn Art Library. I'm thinking of doing one for 2014 too! :)

The entire book was done with Copic markers and the occasional colored pencils. Since I used a marker that would saturate the paper, the markers leave a "ghosting" effect on the back side of the paper. I left it in since it looked really interesting. =) 

I think the hardest thing to do was the boat landscape at the end. Only because it has a reflection effect and it's hard to make a perfect (but opposite) copy using markers.